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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>>another cold night. our abc7 sotr >> a slew of water main breaks leads to something, sliding, and water main crashes. >> we were there during a series
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of accidents. hundreds of students are evacuated from a local college. >> it is the week before finals. >> the life and legacy of elizabeth edwards. >> i was healthy until 56. >> how she impacted our region. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> we began at on storm watch. we recently endured some problems because of the deep freeze. we learned of a number of water main breaks. in parts of maryland to this one at the intersection of wisconsin and north gavin is. the problems are numerous precedents and the evacuation of a local college. we have exclusive video of the problems in maryland. bob ryan is tracking the cold
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overnight forecast. >> it certainly is cold. after all the mild weather we have had, our temperature outside in washington, 28 degrees. as cold as it is, the record for tonight is eight degrees. that wind is still out there. the gusts, still winds of 25 or 35 miles per hour. 11 degrees in faithersburg. some snow flurries. some of the mountains of west virginia have had 20 inches of snow. the snow continues to run away. we have a store coming our way. i will tell you about that. snow.ll not produce >> we are monitoring the weather related story.
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officials at hood college have evacuated the student body due to a water main break. that forced students to be bused off campus. >> about 300 students will be area hotels and others have been moving in with fellow students. >> the decision has not been made on whether classes will be held tomorrow. the water main break is one of many problems across the region caused by the cold weather. we captured multiple car accidents after water main break on montgomery village avenue. john gonzales is there with video. >> crews have been repairing water main breaks all day. this ruptured at 6:00 tonight.
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before the road was closed, in minutes, drivers learned the hard way how cold it really is. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >> the freezing temperatures treated water main breaks, causing an vice president dick cheney mess. leaving a dangerous chain reaction. >> someone hit me and i hit someone. the guy in front of me spun in a circle. >> paramedics came to the aid of the small child who was in the back seat that ended up spinning out of control. >> i got hit. >> mother nature did not pack snow or ice, but she did not need to. water turned into ice in seconds. >> april was part of of five car pileup. >> there was nothing i could do. >> drivers found themselves on a
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treacherous road. some swerving and not able to stop. >> we all slid and hit each other. >> some ended up on the median. she was headed to her birthday dinner. putting the blame on montgomery county for not closing the road. >> they decided not to close montgomery village avenue, even though it is full of lies. >> crews began salting the slippery surface. even though it was very i see, as you can see, one lane has been reopened. seven cars were -- no one was seriously injured. as for the water main break, businesses spent hours without water. crews have repaired a 35-year- old tenant pipe. one of many brakes on this tuesday. -- breaks on tuesday. the nation is remembering elizabeth edwards.
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she died this morning in her north carolina home. the death comes a day after the public was informed her cancer treatment would end. she was an advocate for breast cancer awareness and research. we have more on her legacy. >> family and friends say she died of liver failure. at 10:15 a.m. family decided to delay the public announcement for several hours until the children got home from school. she was the smart and strong attorney, a political wife and mother. smiling on the outside partly pragmatic about the disease killing her. >> cancer is probably going to win eventually. that is the reality. that is the likelihood. >> a reality that came true tuesday morning. her family saying we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence. she remains a part of this family. we love her and we will never
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know anyone more inspiring or full of life. >> she has been so upbeat. >> she refused to hide from public view. >> i had a kindred spirit with other women facing cancer. >> the cancer had spread to ribs and spine and leg. she was dealing with her husband's infidelity. >> john said, it was maybe a great love story nevertheless. >> they separated but never divorced. he and her children were with her at the end. >> you have to write your own story and you have to write a little each day. >> she was, someone said, a model of grace under pressure. she said, take whatever you have got and make the best of it. she told friends she would not
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lose this battle but was celebrating her life. she was 61. >> thank you. after her diagnosis, elizabeth edwards made an immeasurable impact on breast cancer awareness. we have more on the difference she made in our area. >> elizabeth had been an inspiration. she seemed optimistic despite her personal battle. her husband john edwards's infidelity and political fallout. she was described as bright, dynamic, and courageous. >> she brought her joy for life and living and her respect for life as well. >> a common link, their against breast cancer. >> she had a wonderful album got life. and a very calm demeanor about her prognosis. >> she balanced motherhood with
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her public image. edwards's story give her strength. >> she did not fall apart in the face of all she was going through. she became more transparent. >> she founded the tiger lily foundation. sheets said all the elizabeth edwards's battle is over, her right to show those with breast cancer they're not alone will live on. >> people like her do not ever really died. they live on forever. that is her legacy. >> another important part of her legacy are her children. her oldest daughter is an attorney and an author who lives here in the d.c. area. >> two years and 20 games, the redskins have haynesworth
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suspended for the rest of the year. it was a troubled relationship. the sports director covered him and he has the latest. >> this is the next turn. i do not think this is the end. he has been suspended without pay. for what the redskins say was conduct detrimental to the team. he never received any notices of conduct detrimental to the team and he will appeal. he said he did not want to play in a defense. he skipped workouts and took 10 days to pass a conditioning test and appeared -- was late. >> anytime it involves y9oyour teammates, you are prepared and you went to war with them. and it is tough. the best decision that the head
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coach has to make. >> they are both implicit in this and it becomes a legal battle. i will have more on that later. >> it is just beginning. >> a battle of wills. >> thank you. firing back. what president obama is saying to his democratic critics. we are keeping a close watch on the cold temperatures. we will have the complete forecast. >> taxpayers, get a lot of this story. next, taxpayer money goes to pay of firefighters $72,000 a year salary for her to stay home. that story is next. 
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♪ tie it all up in a big shiny bow. i'm a "home for the holiday" superhero ♪ ♪ mrs. claus ain't got nothin' on me. i'm dancin' circles ♪ ♪ around the christmas tree. >> you are watching abc 7 news
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at 11:00. on your side. >> the new controversy. we have learned one employee has been on administrative leave for two years and has been paid the entire time. is this story first reported b an intriguing one. a d.c. firefighter under a cloud of suspicion has been paid during that time to stay at home. her case remains unresolved. there is nothing they can do about it. written y 2008, ana complaint was received regarding the payment for cpr training company received from d.c. fire
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and ems personnel. the company was pleased with the training but alleged a firefighter directed the company to pay her directly. williams was placed on paid leave and an internal investigation was launched into possible misconduct. >> which took appropriate and decisive action. because of the allegations of the improprieties and the possibility of misconduct, maybe involving some criminal actions, it was passed to the inspector general's office where it has been since that time. >> that was more than two years ago. williams has been collecting a $72,000 a year salary for doing nothing. it is hard to know her status because the inspector general's office and u.s. attorney's office did not comment on ongoing investigations. sources say williams should have been charged and fired by now or cleared. and put back on the job.
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>> the present for the firefighters union said this case should have been resolved a long time ago. we need to stress that she has not been charged internally or criminally in connection with the allegations leveled against her. repeated attempts to reach for have been unsuccessful. >> >> the corruption scandal is limiting the rules of the newly elected councilwoman johnson. she will not be assigned to any committees. she tried to hide $80,000 cash in her bra while federal agents waited outside her home. president obama says the concessions he made -- he said the deal does not undermine his
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primary goal, to eliminate tax cuts for the rich. democratic congressional leaders say the deal is not yet completed. nancy pelosi presided over a holiday tradition at the capitol. she pulled the switch at the annual lighting of the christmas tree. the tree will be a light from night fall until 11:00 every evening until january 1. that is one cold tree. >> it gets you in the spirit. if it were six year 70, that would not be the same. that tree was moving. a beautiful night. see that crescent moon? very low in the sky. you can see the unilluminated part because of earthshine. the earth reflects light into space and to get that thin crescent. sometimes it can see the parts
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that will become the full moon. outside, you need that to keep you warm. our temperature, 20 degrees. we talk about the dew point in the summertime and how it gets in the 60's. it is how dry the areas. to get to 100% relative humidity, the temperature would have to drop to 11 degrees. when you bring it indoors, you need a humidifier. 9% is the indoor relative humidity. look at the high temperatures today. only in the 30's. our average is about 50 degrees. 30 below average in washington. in miami, 20 below average. indianapolis. the pattern will continue.
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we will have a pattern changed and that cold begins to lift out. the next storm forming into thursday and friday will be one that will come along to the west. it will be iran producer. after that, in moves by early next week into the middle part of next week. we will be back into the deep freeze. overnight tonight, the lake effect snows continue. in new york, randolph has had 40 inches of snow. tomorrow and as we get into the latter part of tomorrow, high pressure comes in. the winds diminish. when you get up and head out tomorrow, the wind chill will be into the teens. we will see temperatures again only in the 30's. even during the middle part of the day, it will still feel like it is in the 20's. a cold morning, bundling up and
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heading out. temperatures will be in the teens but feel like they're close to 10 degrees. the high-temperature only into the low to mid-30's. temperatures in the 40's by friday. it means rain. rain coming in by late saturday into sunday before another shot of even colder air. that is for next week. >> we will be right back.
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>> nightline looks at the life and legacy of elizabeth edwards. the latest on the albert hainesworth saga. >> has the big fellow played his
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last game in washington? will it be upheld by an arbitration? i have the latest next in sports. i have the latest next in sports.
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>> the toyota sports desk. moving you forward. >> the suspension of albert hainesworth has everyone
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talking. it is a four game suspension without pay. that is the slippery slope. the story has been well documented. the media has put him in a bad light which has influenced fans. he says he has never sent any letters or received notices that were -- of contact detrimental to the team. there is a collective bargaining agreement. this could have been avoided. >> he could have handled the situation a lot differently. i think things would have progressed in a better manner. we felt like we had a better chance. with his ability. everything had to come out now. we have to move on. >> he said this evening he would begin the appeal process and expects the facts to come out during the arbitration. albert has asked for a bigger
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role in defense and says he simply wants to play. this feud started last january when the coach was hired. it is a problem that never went away. both sides are complicity. the suspension will not solve the problems they're having on defense. they rank last. the military bowl at rfk stadium. nc state is going to orlando and orlando is playing in the military bowl. >> we're not disappointed. a lot of people did not [unintelligible] that is people we got issues with. we're happy to be here. those are teams that did not get picked, so we feel fortunate. >> the nationals had the baseball world frozen.
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this is interesting. a two time all star. the nationals want him and they may not be able to outbid the yankees. virginia beat by 10. fairfield beat howard. the terps play greensboro. albert hainesworth has everyone
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